Green Day

21st Century Breakdown {2009}
18 chansons trouvées
1. Song of the Century <Rechercher sur Google>  
2. 21st Century Breakdown <Rechercher sur Google> YOUTUBE
3. Know Your Enemy <Rechercher sur Google>  
4. ¡Viva la Gloria! <Rechercher sur Google>  
5. Before the Lobotomy <Rechercher sur Google>  
6. Christian's Inferno <Rechercher sur Google>  
7. Last Night on Earth <Rechercher sur Google>  
8. East Jesus Nowhere <Rechercher sur Google>  
9. Peacemaker <Rechercher sur Google>  
10. Last of the American Girls <Rechercher sur Google>  
11. Murder City <Rechercher sur Google>  
12. ¿Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl) <Rechercher sur Google>  
13. Restless Heart Syndrome' <Rechercher sur Google>  
14. Horseshoes and Handgrenades <Rechercher sur Google>  
15. The Static Age <Rechercher sur Google>  
16. 21 Guns <Rechercher sur Google> YOUTUBE
17. American Eulogy <Rechercher sur Google>  
18. See the Light <Rechercher sur Google>  

American Idiot {2004}
13 chansons trouvées
1. American Idiot <Rechercher sur Google>  
2. Jesus Of Suburbia  
3. Holiday <Rechercher sur Google> TAB YOUTUBE
4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams <Rechercher sur Google> YOUTUBE
5. Are We the Waiting <Rechercher sur Google>  
6. St. Jimmy <Rechercher sur Google>  
7. Give Me Novacaine <Rechercher sur Google>  
8. She's a Rebel <Rechercher sur Google>  
9. Extraordinary Girl <Rechercher sur Google>  
10. Letterbomb <Rechercher sur Google>  
11. Wake Me Up When September Ends <Rechercher sur Google> YOUTUBE
12. Homecoming <Rechercher sur Google>  
13. Whatsername <Rechercher sur Google>  

Godzilla - The Album {1998}
1 chanson trouvée
Brain Stew (The Godzilla Remix)  

Redundant single (Australian version) {1998}
5 chansons trouvées
Paper Lanterns (Live)  
Redundant (Richard Dodd Medium Wide Mix)  
Rejected All American (Live)  
She (Live)  
The Grouch (Live)  

Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) single - Part 1 {1998}
3 chansons trouvées
Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)  
You Lied  

Hitchin' A Ride single {1997}
3 chansons trouvées
Hitchin' A Ride  

Nimrod {1997}
18 chansons trouvées
All The Time TAB
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) TAB
Hitchin' A Ride TAB
King For A Day  
Last Ride In  
Nice Guys Finish Last TAB
Platypus (I Hate You)  
Prosthetic Head TAB
Scattered TAB
Take Back  
The Grouch  
Uptight TAB
Walking Alone  
Worry Rock TAB

Angus soundtrack {1995}
1 chanson trouvée
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)  

Geek Stink Breath single {1995}
3 chansons trouvées
Don't Want To Fall In Love  
Geek Stink Breath  
I Want To Be On TV  

Imsomniac {1995}
14 chansons trouvées
Armatage Shanks  
Bab's Uvula Who?  
Brain Stew  
Geek Stink Breath  
No Pride  
Panic Song  
Stuart and the Ave.  
Stuck with Me  
Tight Wad Hill  
Walking Contradiction  
Westbound Sign  

Dookie {1994}
15 chansons trouvées
All By Myself TAB
Burnout TAB
Chump TAB
Coming Clean TAB
Emenius Sleepus TAB
Having A Blast TAB
In The End TAB
Longview TAB
Pulling Teeth TAB
Sassafras Roots TAB
Welcome To Paradise TAB
When I Come Around TAB

Longview single {1994}
4 chansons trouvées
Christy Road (Live)  
F.O.D. (Live)  
Going To Pasalacqua (Live)  

1,000 Hours {1990}
4 chansons trouvées
1,000 Hours  
Dry Ice  
Only Of You  
The One I Want  

1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours {1990}
19 chansons trouvées
1,000 Hours TAB
16 TAB
409 In Your Coffeemaker TAB
At The Library TAB
Disappearing Boy TAB
Don't Leave Me TAB
Dry Ice TAB
Going To Pasalacqua TAB
Green Day TAB
I Want To Be Alone  
I Was There  
Only of You TAB
Paper Lanterns TAB
Rest TAB
Road To Acceptance  
The Judge's Daughter TAB
The One I Want  
Why Do You Want Him?  

Slappy {1990}
4 chansons trouvées
409 In Your Coffeemaker  
Paper Lanterns  
Why Do You Want Him?  

10 chansons trouvées
At The Library  
Disappearing Boy  
Don't Leave Me  
Going To Pasalacqua  
Green Day  
I Was There  
Road To Acceptance  
The Judge's Daughter  

16 chansons trouvées
2000 Light Years Away  
Best Thing in Town  
Christie Road  
Dominated Love Slave  
My Generation  
No One Knows  
One for the Razorbacks  
One of My Lies  
Private Ale  
Sweet Children  
Welcome to Paradise  
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?  
Words I Might Have Ate  

Autres chansons
3 chansons trouvées
Descensitiezed <Rechercher sur Google>  
Time Of Your Life <Rechercher sur Google>  
When I Come Around <Rechercher sur Google> TAB

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