The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication {1999}
15 chansons trouvées
Around The World  
Californication TAB
Emit Remmus  
Get On Top  
I Like Dirt  
Parallel Universe  
Purple Stain  
Right On Time  
Road Trippin'  
Scar Tissue  
This Velvet Glove  

The Abbey Road E.P. {1998}
5 chansons trouvées
Catholic School Girls Rule  
Hollywood (Africa)  
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes  

Beavis And Butt-head Do America soundtrack {1996}
1 chanson trouvée
Love Rollercoaster  

One Hot Minute {1995}
13 chansons trouvées
Coffee Shop  
Deep Kick  
Falling Into Grace  
My Friends  
One Big Mob  
One Hot Minute  
Shallow Be Thy Game  

Out In L.A. {1994}
19 chansons trouvées
Behind The Sun [Ben Grosse Remix]  
Blues For Meister  
Castles Made Of Sand [Live]  
Deck The Halls  
F.U. [Live]  
Flea Fly  
Get Up And Jump [Demo Version]  
Green Heaven [Demo Version]  
Higher Ground [12'' Vocal Mix]  
Hollywood (Africa) [Extended Dance Mix]  
If You Want Me To Stay [Pink Mustang Mix]  
Nevermind [Demo Version]  
Out In L.A. [Demo Version]  
Police Helicopter [Demo Version]  
Sex Rap [Demo Version]  
Special Secret Song Inside [Live]  
What It Is  
You Always Sing The Same  

The Beavis and Butt-head Experience {1993}
1 chanson trouvée
Search And Destroy <Rechercher sur Google>  

Wayne's World soundtrack {1992}
1 chanson trouvée

What Hits!? {1992}
18 chansons trouvées
Behind The Sun  
Catholic School Girls Rule <Rechercher sur Google>  
Fight Like A Brave  
Get Up And Jump  
Higher Ground  
Hollywood <Rechercher sur Google>  
If You Want Me To Stay <Rechercher sur Google>  
Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky <Rechercher sur Google>  
Jungle Man <Rechercher sur Google>  
Knock Me Down  
Me & My Friends  
Show Me Your Soul <Rechercher sur Google>  
Taste Of Pain <Rechercher sur Google>  
The Brothers Cup <Rechercher sur Google>  
True Men Don't Kill Coyotes  
Under The Bridge <Rechercher sur Google>  

Blood Sugar Sex Magik {1991}
17 chansons trouvées
Apache Rose Peacock <Rechercher sur Google>  
Blood Sugar Sex Magik <Rechercher sur Google>  
Breaking The Girl  
Funky Monks  
Give It Away  
I Could Have Lied  
If You Have To Ask  
Mellowship Slinky In B Major  
My Lovely Man <Rechercher sur Google>  
Naked In The Rain <Rechercher sur Google>  
Sir Psycho Sexy <Rechercher sur Google>  
Suck My Kiss  
The Greeting Song <Rechercher sur Google>  
The Power Of Equality  
The Righteous & The Wicked  
They're Red Hot <Rechercher sur Google>  
Under The Bridge <Rechercher sur Google>  

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan {1987}
12 chansons trouvées
Behind The Sun  
Fight Like A Brave  
Funky Crime  
Love Trilogy  
Me & My Friends  
No Chump Love Sucker  
Organic Anti-Beat Box Band  
Skinny Sweaty Man  
Special Secret Song Inside  
Subterrenean Homesick Blues  
Walkin' On Down The Road  

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