The Lord Is A Monkey (Rock Version)

Butthole Surfers

Beavis And Butt-head Do America soundtrack

Ha ha, the Lord is a monkey

Thanksgiving's coming, third week of July
In the form of a girl with a needle in her eye
Well, she came from out West on a nickel's worth of gas
Got her mind on her money and a dope up her ass
Outside of Phoenix where the gimmick broke down
Fucked that cracker for his rig and she was outta that town

Ha ha, oooow!

She was a Hare Krishna in the ashwam there
She was sellin' (????), had a funky-ass head
Puttin' food in my mouth and she threw me on the bed
While she cut off my balls and she sewed 'em to my head
Now, she's headin' back East in a '57 Caddy
Got her mind on her money and a dope for her daddy

Wahow, ha ha ha ha

Well, I met her on the street where she beat me like a fool
Then she got me accepted to an Ivy League school
Well, I really did good, but it's kickin' my ass
I lost 38 pounds and my eye turned to glass
Well, she looking kinda good for third week in July
She's got a dope up her ass and a needle in her eye

Ha ha...

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