Hats Off


The Brown Album

When I was born, the doc, he held me by my ankles
Smacked my red behind
They hosed me down, wrapped me like a bean burrito
Then marked the date and time

Hats off to the ones that string the beads together
And keep the ducks in line
Hats off to all the ones that stood before me
And taught a fool to rhyme

At thirteen, I made myself a motion picture
Outta lumps of clay
At fourteen, I pulled some weeds and bought a four string
Taught myself to play

At seventeen, I'd get naked with a beauty queen
At the hot tub zone
At nineteen, she was livin' hard and snortin' drugs
That decayed her bones, that's why I say

Hats off to the ones that put it all together
And keep their ducks in the line
Hats off to all the ones that erred before me
And taught me how to survive


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