Johnny B. Carcass

Gogh Van Go

Bliss Station

The skin and bones of what's his name are lying there and I'm to blame
I think its Johnny Johnny B. Carcass piled high to the bloated sky and I'm to blame
So why say uncle so why say uncle so why say uncle
Why say uncle
Johnny B. Carcass is out for a stumble minding his business causing a panic and I'm to blame
Cause silence is deadly and I've been a mute
I wear a muzzle not so astute when we're all the same
So why say uncle uncle
My baby my baby is acting silly is picking lilies
She's biting apples lighting candles flashes her teeth making wreathes
She says silence it breeds victims
She says silence breeds disease
The skin and bones has got a name Johnny B. Carcass
We're all the same
So why say uncle.

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