Forest For The Trees

Forest For The Trees

In the end, I disappear
Moving from this house of fear
As the quiet thunder roar
I have passed the final door

Walking further into darkness
Trying hard to love the night
As the tunnel turns and twists
Is there ever more than this?

Can we hope to leave the maze
Minds enshrouded yet in haze
Seeing double all the time
In the end, we share our mind

With the maker of this time
And the space that comes between
Is no distance after all

Hey tree, won't you talk to me
I can see you breathing
Open your eyes, all ready to see
Greater revelation from a mere tree

Come down, here's my silver cord
Let me take you to my veins
Let you touch the sun, feel the sky

Tree, tree, tree

Trees loves us, so talk to her
About love of life and sacrifice
Mother, mother love for all of us, yeah
Shower and flower, your sweet nurturing power
So that we can be and
Breathe freely

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