Going To Your Funeral Part I


Electro-Shock Blues

Going to your funeral now and feeling I could scream
Everything goes away
Driving down the highway through the perfect sunny dream
A perfect day for perfect pain

Look at all the people with the flowers in their hands
They put the flower on the box that s holding all the sand
That was, that was once
That was once you

Honolulu hurricane, I knew that you were not insane
Living in the insane world
Smiling like it s no big deal, scabby wounds that never heal
The woman was only a girl

Look at all the people with their heads down in their hands
When everything I m feeling makes it hard to understand that, uh
What I need to miss, it s what I need to miss
Is you

Going to your funeral and I m feeling like a fool
No one s gonna take the blame
Thinking bout the days of hanging out behind the school
Everything goes away

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