One Alone

Break Time

Have A Cookie

[btw, Morin Heights is a small town near where I'm at]

There was one man who didn't know what to do with his life
He thought his (????) of money would glorify his life
He did what his parents said, he became a doctor
Even though he always wanted to be a football player
He bought himself some friends
It didn't work

Later on, he stayed just inside of his house
Was locked away from all human (????)
He was rejected from his town, he brought his family
He started being known as the one who stayed alone
What was he to do?
He had no friends

He was one alone
He was one alone
He was one alone
He was one alone

He started feeling wanted inside of his town
He's excited, he moves to a place real far, far away
He really needs a place where people wouldn't judge him
The only things he had in life was the lonely place to stay
He bought himself a car and moved to Morin Heights

She cried 'cause she didn't know what to doooooo...

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